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365Famtools™ Labor Saving Arm - Hand Lifting Jack Tool

365Famtools™ Labor Saving Arm - Hand Lifting Jack Tool

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With the lifting capacity of up to 150kg/ 330lb the range of applications is virtually unlimited. The installation of doors, windows and cabinets are obvious uses, but flooring and the construction of porches, decks and frameworks are also perfect opportunities to use this ingenious tool. All this and much more can easily be done with controlled precision thanks to the unique construction of the 365Famtools™ Labor Saving Arm.

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  • High-strength endurance spring - Lift up to 150kg / 330lb.

  • Adjusted height easily - Hold the handle, push & pull up repeatedly to increase the height.

  • Lower the height - Gently press the top metal sheet to lower the height

Video Instruction Manual

  • Woodworking

  • Install Stove

  • Lift Door Panel

  • Install Cupboard

  • Leveling Floor

  • Lift Door Panel

  • Install Cabinet

  • Level Floor

  • Home Improvement

  • Support Staff

  • Support Furniture

  • Install Cabinet

Key Specifications

Material: Hardened stainless steel / Aluminum

Capacity: Up to 150 kg = 330 lb

Operation range (mm): 6 - 215

Standard base (mm): 5 x 105 x 87

Optional base hardened steel (mm): 6 x 105 x 8

Optional base (mm): 3 x 77 x 62

Weight: 0.45 kg = 1,0 lb

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Heavy An Object Can Be Lifted By Labor Saving Arm?

Lifting an object weighing up to 150 kg (330lb) with one Labor Saving Arm equipped with optional 6 mm thick baseplates and bars (standard today is 5 mm) should not be a problem. Lifting of heavier objects is not covered by the product warranty. Please see maximum load diagrams in the Manual & Tutorials section.

I Have Bent Lifting Bars. What Can I Do?

Lifting an object weighing over 150 kg with one Labor Saving Arm may result in bent bars/base. Such use of the tool is not covered by our product warranty. You may remove bars/base and try to bend them back. If this doesn’t help, you can replace the bars/base. Please Send us a message if you need to order spare parts.

My Labor Saving Arm Makes A Creaking Noise. Can I Fix It Somehow?

While creaking can be really annoying it doesn’t affect the Labor Saving Arm’s functionality. Actually, some craftsmen prefer to work with a “dry” tool. If you want to eliminate creaking, you may try to twist springs a bit first. If this doesn’t help, any quality technical lubricant will fix it.

How Should I Maintain Labor Savinng Arm? Can I Repair It If I Experience Any Problems?

It is important to maintain your Labor Saving Arm regularly. This will help increase the service life as well as the performance.

Your Labor Saving Arm should remain free of debris, sand, cement and dust, which can cause damage over a long time. It is well worth to spend a few minutes cleaning the tool compared to the cost of repairing or replacing it.

Cleaning the tool regularly is essential to their proper functioning. You can clean it by simply wiping all over with a rag. If the arm is dirty, do not hesitate to disassemble it, clean and lubricate all the parts properly. Please watch our Labor Saving Arm Assembly video in the Manual & Tutorial section.

Lubricate your Labor Saving Arm before you start using it and on a regular basis after that. Sprinkle metal parts  with a light coat of any good industrial lubrication oil.  Lubricating helps to improve performance of the tool, solve  occasional loss of functionality, reduce wear and tear of components and prevent corrosion.

Regularly inspect your Labor Saving Arm for signs of damage and faulty functioning. Ensure that you repair your tool immediately if there is any damage.

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