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Transparent Protective Full Face Shield

Transparent Protective Full Face Shield

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Technical Characteristics:
  • Size: 35 x 25 x 18cm
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Material: Plastic
  • Design: Head-mounted
  • Color: Red, Black, Blue, Grey, Pink
  • Width: 25 cm
  • Lower width: 18 cm
  • Height: 35 cm
Package Included:
  • 1 x Transparent Protective Full Face Shield


  • Offers Excellent Protection

Are you a spray painter or a pest exterminator? Or maybe you have frequent exposure to dangerous chemical agents. If you fall in any of these categories, then you will be aware of just how hazardous these chemicals can be. Also, if you live or work in a place where particles are usually flying all around in the air, you will want to ensure you keep your eyes well-protected. If you fall in any of these categories or you’re just in search of an excellent protective cover for your face, this transparent full face shield is exactly what you need.

This transparent protective face cover offers excellent protection that ensures you will be able to work and move anywhere you want without worrying about anything getting in your eyes or inhaling dangerous chemicals.

  • Versatile

There are several different types of face masks, and protective face covers being sold on the market these days. For the most part, each of these face protection products usually has a specific function or area of use. This means you may be able to use a particular face mask in an environment, yet, it will be unsuitable for another environment or condition.

This transparent full face shield, however, has an advantage over most other face masks on the market thanks to its highly versatile design. This versatile design ensures you will be able to use this product in several different places, including at work, home or even while you’re using the subway.

  • High-Quality Build

If you’ve been wondering how come this protective face cover seems to be the perfect face shield and why it’s so versatile, the secret lies in its build quality. This transparent face shield is made with high-quality materials that ensure it is very durable and excellently windproof. This quality builds also ensures the face shield is appropriately fog-proof so you won’t have to worry about the face shield fogging over as you work.

  • Comfortable Wear

Finding the perfect balance between functionality and comfort is somewhat challenging for most facemask products. In fact, there have been several complaints by people about several protective face masks because although they are useful, they are pretty uncomfortable, especially when you have to wear them for long periods.

This versatile transparent facemask, however, has a very comfortable build that ensures you will be able to use it for long periods comfortably and easily.

  • Great Gift

There are several gift options you could make a choice from if you’re planning to get a gift for a loved one. However, this face mask is a very practical gift choice that effectively communicates just how much they mean to you. It offers excellent protection, so you can rest assured that your loved ones will be well protected no matter where they are.

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