Labor Saving Arm - Are They Any Good?

Labor Saving Arm - Are They Any Good?

The 365Famtools Labor Saving Arms - Hand Lifting Jack Tools Are They Any Good?

The Labor-Saving Arm will have you work smarter not harder! This is the tool professionals demand, yet easy enough for anyone to use. If working fast and efficiently is what you like then this is WHAT YOU NEED!

Nov 11, 2022 | 365FamTools

With thousand of verified 5 star reviews, what is it about this sensation that makes us go crazy about these labor tools?


The Labor-Saving Arm is a new product, giving craftsmen of most trades a helping hand. A 365famtools-sized jack for holding, supporting, squeezing, and adjusting a wide variety of items.

A Great Professional Tool For All!

With the lifting capacity of up to 150kg/ 330lb the range of applications is virtually unlimited. The installation of doors, windows and cabinets are obvious uses, but flooring and the construction of porches, decks and frameworks are also perfect opportunities to use this ingenious tool. All this and much more can easily be done with controlled precision thanks to the unique construction of the 365Famtool Labor Saving Arm.

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Two-man Job by One Person

The hand-held labor-saving arm tool can fix the height successfully by simply pressing, lifting, and locking Energy Saving, and Labor Saving. It can complete the work without anyone's help, is Easy and simple, and save time and effort.

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Apply For Your All Need!

Well-suited for installing doors, windows, storage systems, counters, ventilation systems, and much more!

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A Perfect Gift For Dad: Save Him Hundreds Of Hours Of Work and Help Him Get The Job Done Faster

This tool is the perfect gift for Dad. Why not get him a gift he'll actually use? Perfect for:

  • Home improvement
  • Woodworking
  • Construction
  • Contracting
  • Carpentry
  • Auto repair
  • Home Projects
  • Flooring
  • Laying tile
  • Furniture assembly
  • DIY projects

The 365Famtools Labor Saving Arm - Hand Lifting Jack Tool is a must have addition to your toolbox!

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So, Can I Buy One?

Right now, there is a limited amount of stock available on the brands website.
They are offering a special limited-time discount of each order.

Because of the virality of the brand on social media, they have sold out 3x in the last 6 months. Therefore be quick and get yours while you can.


Click the link above to check if the tools are still available.

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James Johnson - CEO

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